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Air Regulators

Air Regulators provide total control

One of the main advantages of a air-operated Graco pump, is that it provides an infinite number of delivery flows and pressures within the range of its working capacity. The reason for this is that flows and pressures generated by the Graco pumps are determined by the incoming air pressure from the compressed air supply

If incoming air pressure is precisely controlled, then innumerable delivery flows and pressures can be set. The simple, manually operated air regulator provides this precise control. A gauge is usually associated with the air regulator to measure pressures.

Air regulators are available with optional regulated pressure ranges to ensure that the working pressure capacity of an individual pump is not exceeded.

Air Lubricators

Air lubricators extend pump life by applying drops of oil to all moving parts within the Graco pump air motor. A control knob and sight window allow for adjustment of the lubricant dispensed.

Clean air

Clean air is a prerequisite for best practice in operating an air-operated pumping system. It is advisable to install an air filter in a compressed air supply.

Fluid, Regulator, Lubricator

Graco supply all-in-one assemblies or individual Regualtors etc.

Quick-connect couplers and other accessories

FES supplies a complete range of air accessories and Graco Pumps.