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Heavy Duty Transfer Pumps

Bigger pumps targeted at pumping applications where higher flow rates and/or higher fluid working pressures are required

Over the years, Graco have developed a family of pumps with a variety of different sized air motors. The Graco pump shown is the new NXT range, with the new NXT air motor. The Graco pumps – Fast Flo’s have the smallest air motors. The next biggest air motor in the family is the Monark followed by President, Senator, NXT, and finally the Premier up to 82-1 Ratio. These bigger air motors, and consequently bigger pumps, are mainly used for heavy duty transfer applications. Graco have now introduced a new range – The NXT range of Air motors and pumps.

High-Flo and Dura-Flo pumps

FES supplies 2 ranges of transfer pumps that employ bigger air motors:-

  1. High-Flo pumps, with ratios from 1.5-1 to 4-1, have bigger fluid inlet and outlet ports and are designed for bulk transfer and circulation systems over longer pipe runs. (See Dl overleaf for further information about ratios and fluid working pressures.) High-Flo pumps use President and NXT air motors.
  2. Dura-Flo pumps, shown here with the new NXT air motor, pump ratios from 13-1 to 68-1, are designed to produce higher fluid working pressures with flow rates that are acceptable for many pumping applications. These large pumps use Senator, NXT or Premier air motors. Dura-Flo pumps are often used in spray or cleaning applications.Note: Dura-Flo pumps are not intended for use with highly viscous materials with poor flow characteristics such as sealants. See HI and H2 Extrusion Pumps for a solution for pumping these types of materials.

Pump construction

Pumps are available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel with packings to suit your pumping applications. Some of the packing arrangements for the Dura-Flo pumps are designed to deal with more abrasive, but not the most abrasive fluids.