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Mixer Packages

Mixing and pumping together

Some processes require simultaneous mixing and pumping and FES can offer a range of solutions where mixers are combined with pumps, drum covers and elevators.

The simplest solution – a Double Diaphragm pump on a mixer

The Graco Twistork mixer (see F1 overleaf) has the option of a siphon tube. The siphon mixer can be supplied with a 3/4″ Double Diaphragm pump as a ready-to-use unit. The Double Diaphragm pump is mounted on top of the mixer and is connected to the siphon tube. This package is suitable for drum mixing and drum emptying for fluids with a viscosity up to 1,000 centipoise.

Mixer packages including a drum cover and an elevator

An off-the-shelf package comprised of a Graco Back-geared Agitator (see F1 overleaf), a drum cover and an elevator is available (also see El and E2). There are 2 options:-

  1. A stand-alone mixing unit to make drum changing easier.
  2. A mixing unit with a siphon Back-geared Agitator – this can be connected to a pump (purchased separately).

Complete packages including a mixer, pump, drum cover and an elevator

There are several optional off-the-shelf packages that incorporate Double Diaphragm pumps or Piston transfer pumps. FES can also custom build packages and systems that are tailored to fit a specific requirement. Please call FES if you have an application that might benefit from this equipment.