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Drum Handling – Elevators

Raising and lowering pumps when changing drums or pails

Elevators take away the backache when replacing empty drums or pails with full ones.

Pneumatically operated, they conveniently raise and lower drum pumps with drums placed at the foot of the elevator. They are particularly useful where pumps are heavy and difficult to manhandle.

The elevator is raised or lowered by simple operation of an air control valve.

Supports for pumps or drum covers or drum cover assemblies

There are 2 optional mounting arrangements:-

  1. A wishbone support for mounting bare pumps.
  2. A hoop support for mounting drum covers or assemblies that combine other equipment such as pumps and/or mixers with a drum cover.

Optional arrangements for mounting an elevator

There are 2 ways of mounting an elevator

  1. Moveable stand mount – the elevator can be supplied with a base plate.
  2. Fixed mount – the elevator can be bolted directly to the floor.