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Fireball Lubrication Grease Graco Pumps

Pumping grease

The biggest problem that grease poses to pumping is that it will not readily flow into the pump inlet. Our bare pumps overcome this by using a piston with a priming plate that pulls the grease into the inlet. However, flow rates are very low.

Flow rates can be increased and/or higher viscosity materials pumped from standard drums and pails by using special equipment:-

  1. An elevator assembly can be used. The weight of the pump acts on a follower plate that levels the grease and forces it into the pump inlet. The follower plate also ‘wipes’ the side of the drum or pail, thereby reducing material loss. The elevator is then used to raise the pump and the follower plate when replacing empty drums or pails.
  2. A single post or a twin post ram assembly is a more powerful device. The air driven ram acts on a ram plate driving the grease into the pump inlet in a similar way to the follower plate mentioned above, but more forcefully. This equipment also eases the changing of drums or pails. We have pumps from 10-1 to 75-1 Fireball pumps.

Graco lube pumps that are specifically designed for grease

We can offer an extensive range of pumps beginning with the medium pressure 10-1 ratio President.. We also have 50-1 Fire-Ball pumps e.g 239888 for high pressure dispense applications.

Pump packages

Most of the above pumps are available in ‘off-the-shelf packages that combine a pump with a drum cover or a portable cart or an elevator.

Complete ram assemblies with pumps from the much larger Bulldog and King pump range can be used in the most arduous of applications.