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Dispense Accessories – Dispense Valves

Different dispense valves are required for different applications

Efficient dispensing requires valves that control fluid flow, e.g. fast response to ‘on’ or ‘off’ demands and, in some cases, deal with higher fluid pressures and viscosities. We have a selection of valves to cater for a variety of flows and different working conditions.

Automatic dispense valves for general duties

Constructed in Stainless Steel, these valves come in two versions, one for non-abrasive fluids and one for abrasive fluids, and are suitable for fluid pressure up to 210 bar.

Automatic valves for adhesives

These valves have a special feature (‘snuff back’) that draws residues of fluid back into the valve when dispensing is shut down.

All-in-one automatic metering and dispense valve

This valve accurately dispenses up to approximately 60 shots per minute.

Air actuated dispense valve

This is an all-metal valve that is used for very viscous materials. Hand-held dispense guns for viscous fluids

These lightweight and durable guns are designed for sealants and adhesives. Bead patterns can be changed to suit your application by selecting from a wide range of nozzles.

Dispense valves and dispense guns designed for lubrication products

We have a complete range of valves and guns. Some of the valves incorporate electronic meters