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Extrusion Pumps – Bare Pumps

Pumping very viscous materials

Very viscous materials such as sealants and some adhesives will not readily flow into the pump inlet. Our bare pumps overcome this by using a piston with a priming plate that pulls the material into the inlet.

Graco ‘Checkmate’ extrusion pumps

These pumps are specially designed for viscous materials and produce smooth flows over a wide viscosity range. The combination of priming piston, large internal ports and ‘severe duty’ construction results in a high quality pump for the most difficult of extrusion applications.

A large range of pumps

Beginning with the 10-1 ratio Monark pump, sizes and optional ratios progress through the President, Senator, NXT, up to our biggest pump, the 82-1 ratio Premier. There is often a choice between Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel constructions.


We can offer a selection of extrusion guns.